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TON wallet now supports withdrawals to russian cards

By  Gagarin News 546 29 Jan 2023
Photo - TON wallet now supports withdrawals to russian cards

The TON Foundation is the successor of the NewTON project, which was created by the Durov brothers. Officially, they are not related to the token and wallet that are being actively promoted in the market.

According to Pavel's statement, he transferred the domain and GitHub repository to the TON Foundation and stepped away from the project. 
But we find that hard to believe as Telegram actively promotes the TON project. 
A few days ago, the number of accounts on TON surpassed the 2 million milestone. The customer base increased by a million in six months after Toncoin was listed on CEXs.  
The developers of the wallet reported that, in addition to the russian tugrik, they are working on the integration of other fiat currencies.