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Mythics: PROOF's New Project in the Moonbirds Ecosystem

The pixelated owls of Moonbirds, adored by many users, are being joined by their predecessors - the Mythics. As the ancient legend dictates, it's time to explore the remnants of their civilization and unite against the forces of evil.

An age of ambiguity, tumultuous winds, stirring dark forces, and the reemergence of the lunar birds' progenitors that vanished centuries ago, all find their place in the ongoing saga from PROOF, featuring new characters in the Moonbirds ecosystem known as Mythics. 

Mythics stand ready to face ancient evil Source:

Mythics stand ready to face ancient evil Source:

The Mythics, ancestors of the lunar birds, were once a thriving civilization that constructed a city in the clouds. They fell to an ancient evil called Dred. The only traces of these mythical heroes are the ruins that the Moonbirds have long been wary of exploring. However, now, there is no alternative but to face the encounter with the formidable ancestors — Dred is hunting again. 

The Oddities hear the resonant grumblings of the Odd God beckoning them to stand alongside the Moonbirds. Together, they’ll release the Mythics preserved within the eggs to stand against the Dred; bringing forth a power that outpaces fear and doubt. This call to arms will infuse the Moonbirds with the wisdom, inspiration, and the hope to reclaim the skies and finish what the Mythics started,

reads the collection's description.

How to immerse in the legend?

Note that the new NFT collection by PROOF isn't intended for public sale. Only those within the ecosystem who've reached the Diamond Nest level can aspire to acquire these mythical characters. The Mythics collection is being forged in real-time from 37,611 digital items. Future owners of these mythical birds get to decide which of them are worthy of being minted. The organizers anticipate crafting 20,000 NFTs, and any surplus will be removed from the pool, eliminating the possibility of "summoning."

Mythics can be acquired in two ways: either by burning oddities in the hearth of the Odd God or hatching eggs of the mythical birds. Each day, 50 eggs are chosen for activation, indicated by a distinct glow. The eggs come in three types: stone, runic, and legendary.

Incinerating the eggs initiates the Mythics hatching ritual: owners of stone eggs will receive a random character, while those with runic and legendary eggs are presented with a choice of two and three variants, respectively.

Eggs of mythical birds Source:

Eggs of mythical birds Source:

Owners of Mythics NFTs can join an exciting journey, a path where they have to conquer not just the outer enemy, but their own inner fears as well. They're granted complete ownership rights over digital objects, along with access to forthcoming PROOF collections, and participation in the Lunar community's decision-making. Moreover, possessors of mythical birds, along with other participants of the ecosystem, are invited to real-life and virtual events that offer unique and diverse experiences.

Mythics - the power that rises above fear and doubt. Source:

Mythics - the power that rises above fear and doubt. Source:

With Mythics, we’re really trying to give our community a new experience that links together the Proof ecosystem and expands the storytelling that started with Moonbirds. I’m so proud of how hard our teams have been working on this launch, with the goal of expanding Moonbirds’ storytelling both through art and technology

expressed Kevin Rose, the Co-founder and CEO of PROOF.