The spiciest NFTs from a Ukrainian photographer

How to combine war and art? How to find ways not only to make money, but also to donate? Nothing is impossible when you follow new technologies.

Today, we'd like to introduce to a Ukrainian photographer who launched his digital project on NFT platforms.

When we first saw Artem Humilevskyi's works, we assumed it was just another hype project, one among many. We changed our opinion after learning more about his series of photographs called “Roots”, which he created after the start of a full-scale war.

Blood Tree, Roots series

Blood Tree, Roots series

This is not just nude art, but a story about self-discovery and self-identification. Artem conveys his current perception of Ukraine and Ukrainians through photos of an imperfect human body. This is a visual representation of an honest talk about introspection, openness, pain, and unity with the world.

#50. Giant collection

#50. Giant collection

How can a participant in international photography contests and a nominee for the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2022 help Ukraine if he does not know how to hold a gun? Donating to volunteers, of course!

Artem started considering the potential of NFT as a tool for his work's promotion before the war. However, he decided on an experiment after missiles started to hit his hometown Mykolaiv, and he lost all opportunities for earning.

Here is how he described his experience with the new technology:

I figured everything out rather quickly. A friend with more experience in this area assisted me. It took her an hour over the phone to explain the action algorithm. Then everything went like clockwork. I sell my artworks through the Foundation, and withdraw proceeds using a crypto exchange.

Artem has gathered and donated above $10,000 to volunteers since the start of his collaboration with the and platforms. This is just a portion of the proceeds from the selling of NFT photos.

Bread field. Roots series

Bread field. Roots series

Every artist can create NFTs, but it's vital to keep in mind that simply designing works as NFTs isn't enough. You need a concept.

Every creative person builds their own universe, but not everyone cares about digitizing their works. However, the blockchain is a platform where artists can monetize their creativity.

Young collectors are more likely to purchase digital art because they are more aware of the new global communication systems between art creators and businesses.

Art is also communication, and any photo or painting is a message wrapped in a visual form. Therefore, a modern artist must keep an eye on new trends and adapt to them.

For artists, photographers, designers, and musicians who want to shift from offline to online, it's important not to be afraid to experiment.

Art needs money, business needs inspiration, and Ukraine needs taxes and support for the volunteer movement. This golden cooperation is implemented through NFTs.

We are persuaded that creative self-expression does not go well with everyday troubles and a negative balance on a credit card. You will be able to create and be creative to the fullest only if you provide yourself with reliable financial backing.

How to achieve this and remain true to yourself? How to combine creativity and financial success without following all the popular trends?

Use modern technologies, as many Ukrainian creators already do. Grow your audience that is ready to accept you the way you are.

And remember: Love the things you do, and they will bring you happiness and money. Without the first, it is galleys; without the second, it is a hobby.