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“House of Bruce Lee” in the Air

By  Lesia Dubenko 280 19 Aug 2023
Photo - “House of Bruce Lee” in the Air

Bruce Lee was an iconic martial arts artist. The latest teaser shows we’re about to get more of his impressive performances in an animated version.

Do you like martial arts, old-school movies featuring Bruce Lee, and most importantly non-fungible tokens (NFTs)?

Then we’ve got news for you. 

A new project, dubbed House of Lee, has been recently created by Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee.

Slated to be released in 2024, it is purportedly an NFT-oriented project that seeks to boost the existing “House of Lee: Genesis” collection the OpenSea market.

The company behind it called Shibuya offers a platform for crowdfunding projects through NFT sales. In April, it minted the mentioned collection, selling just under 49,000 NFTs to raise more than $700,000. 

House of Lee Genesis. Source: OpenSea

House of Lee Genesis. Source: OpenSea

According to OpenSea data, there are currency 6.5K owners and 48.7K items available. The price per one piece equals 0.0032 ETH ($5.99) at the time of writing.

The teaser announcing the collection is based on Bruce Lee’s iconic performance in The Enter the Dragon movie. Unlike in the original, however, Bruce Lee is pictured in an old-school anime style, doing martial arts and turning into a dragon.

Bruce Lee anime. Source: YouTube

Bruce Lee anime. Source: YouTube

Bruce Lee anime. Source: YouTube

Bruce Lee anime. Source: YouTube

Many users reacted positively to the trailer, saying that the animation is spot on, with one account writing, “Finally so many imitations of Bruce in anime finally one that’s actually him !!!!!” 
Another one added, “I am looking forward to this anime, man. I’ve watched his most iconic film enter the dragon so many times, so hopefully, this is a continuation of it. Either way, I’m just so excited.”

The animation studio behind the trailer is called Shockunit. Based in China, it is known for its NFT-based projects. The animation was created by an NFT animator Emily Yang who was endorsed by Lee’s daughter. 

“I love Emily and Shibuya’s perspective. They are such creative, hard-working, skilled artists [...] I just knew that they would be perfect collaborators,” Shannon Lee explained in an interview.

The Enter the Dragon movie is expected to return to selected 650 US threaters for its 50th anniversary.

Shannon Lee is the only living child of Hollywood film star and Bruce Lee and retired American teacher Linda Lee Cadwell. Her late brother Brandon Lee was also an actor. He died during an accident while filming the movie The Crow.

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