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Got Some Meme? Five NFT Jokes that Will Make You Laugh (Pics)

By  Lesia Dubenko 346 6 Aug 2023
Photo - Got Some Meme? Five NFT Jokes that Will Make You Laugh (Pics)

In the mood for some memes? Duh, why do we even ask? Here’s what we prepared for you.

NFTs and memes. Memes and NFTs. Isn’t that combo just great? 

We explored the world wide web to find the best NFT memes out there. 

And we succeeded. 

Ready to find out what they look like? 

Let’s start then.

“The NFT Macho”

So, you bumped into a hot guy at a bar, but the music is too loud to have a proper chat and all you want to do is just enjoy a drink together?  

Well, then the “The NFT Macho” meme a.k.a the successful entrepreneur who went out to get hammered but happened to forget his wallet is your match made in heaven. Not only is all of his money invested in a multi-million NFT collection of pixelated cats, but he’s also big on Twitter! Yup, don’t be skeptical, please.

We've all been there, so no worries we won't judge if you go for him anyway. Then again, who knows. Maybe the chemistry will be so strong that you’ll end up marrying that donkey in a space suit after all. Life is full of surprises.

“The Save image meme ”

Some people are mean. Instead of recognizing the value of NFTs and actually paying for them, they’re simply pressing the right click button and saving the image and then claiming they own it!

Mean, right? 

Can you do this to the real NFT lovers? Is it a crime?  Guess, the answer depends on how emotionally invested you’re in NFTs. And how convinced you’re that they actually have value.

But look, if you're low on cash and simply want to save a cool image, we understand. Just hit that button, save the NFT, and enjoy sunny weather outside.  Unless you live in Scandinavia, that is.

“Kevin is hot, you’re not”

Would you like to be on the cover of the Time Magazine?  We bet.  

But are you as hot as PixelMon Kevin? 

You don’t have to answer: it’s a no anyway. 

So it’s only natural that Kevin made it to the magazine’s cover and was named as the person of the year. All thanks to his sleek look, hip style, and charming yellow smile, which blows you away the moment you set your eyes on him.

And please, just please: Don’t go too wow when looking at Kevin.

“Kevin is also a winner”

Of course, what else did you expect? A hot guy is also a winner – and he rocks that casino floor like no other. Just look at this pic with Alan, Stu, Phil, and Mr. Chow. 

Does it look like Kevin is losing? 

Mmm, no. 

He’s on a roll, babe, so you better place your bets and get the hell out before Kev makes a move at your girl.

You’ll end up being the one losing.


Okay, one final meme. You’ve guessed it: It targets the Lord of the Rings fans. And also those people who are into all things precious. Like bracelets, diamonds, and rings that can enslave everything: elves, hobbits, orcs, Gandalf, you name it.

Luckily, Frodo no longer has to go on a quest to destroy it. All it takes is a solid computer and some Ethereum. Okay, maybe some USD too but, hey, all this is totally worth it. At the end of the day, you’ll have your name listed as an owner in an online distributed database. 

We hope you enjoyed our article. If you have favorite NFTs that you want to share with us,  feel free to do it by tagging us on Twitter via @NewsGagarin.

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