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Normal +2 1021 14 May 2023
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FANS LOVE IT! Web3 Football and Sports Conference

On June 10th, football enthusiasts and sports industry professionals in Istanbul are eagerly anticipating not just the Champions League final, but also the FANS LOVE IT! sports Web3 conference.

FANS LOVE IT! is a highly anticipated event dedicated to the digitalization of sports. It will take place at the largest sports and entertainment complex in Europe – Fişekhane. Attendees can expect to find stages for engaging speakers, an exhibition showcasing successful sports NFTs from partner Neustreet, a VIP zone, and a designated area for networking. 

Conference FANS LOVE IT! Source:

Conference FANS LOVE IT! Source:

This conference is set to attract a range of professionals, including football experts, sports industry leaders, Web3 project managers, technical specialists, investors, Web3 enthusiasts, and digital asset users. Anyone interested in fan engagement and sports digitalization is encouraged to attend. Already announced are representatives from top football clubs such as Manchester City, Leicester City, Chelsea, Monaco, and Antalyaspor, as well as the International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPro).

Key topics at FANS LOVE IT!  Source:

Key topics at FANS LOVE IT! Source:

The FANS LOVE IT! speaker lineup features co-founders from well-known sports and digital companies, including:

  • Andrew Orsatti, Director of Commercial, Marketing and Business Development at FIFPro
  • Fred Antunes, CEO of RealFevr fantasy football app and founder of the Portuguese Association of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies
  • Joern Schlimm, candidate at the Institute of Sports Economics and Management at the German Sports University and senior manager at FIFA
  • Lucy Mills, founder of READY Sport Global, a company specializing in using modern technology to develop women's sports
  • Ahmet Onur Yeygün, CEO of Turkish digital asset and fan token platform Bitci 

During the conference, attendees will learn about the intersection of Web3 and sports, as well as the principles of effectively using innovation to engage fans. Some of the topics that will be covered include Web3 user engagement practices, fan communities and fantasy sports, opportunities with digital assets, metaverses, and ChatGPT in the sports industry, the benefits of digital memberships for clubs and brands, and the growing popularity of women's football and its prospects in Web3.

FANS LOVE IT! offers three types of tickets that can be purchased at a discounted price until May 15th:

  • Online ticket, which costs 60 euros. With this ticket, you will have access to a live stream of all the performances and the chance to engage with other attendees in a virtual space. The price for online tickets will increase to 120 euros after May 15.
  • Standard ticket, priced at 100 euros. This ticket is perfect for those who are interested in learning more about the digitalization of sports. With this ticket, you will have access to all the performances and presentations. However, if you don't purchase before May 15th, the price for standard tickets will increase to 200 euros;
  • VIP ticket, priced at 200 euros. This pass is designed for sports and digital project managers, entrepreneurs, officials, investors, and other guests who are directly involved in professional sports. In addition to the basic events, VIP ticket holders will have access to a pre-party and networking areas. The price for VIP tickets will increase to 400 euros after May 15.