26 - 27 Feb 2023

Interop Summit: the future of a globally connected Web3

Photo - Interop Summit: the future of a globally connected Web3

Interop Summit is a two-day free educational conference with hands-on workshops for Web3 developers. The event will take place on February 27-28 in Denver, Colorado, USA, as part of the BUIDLWeek ETHDenver festival.

The venue is Green Space Coworking. Participants must successfully complete registration in order to access the summit.

At the Interop Summit, developers from various projects will discuss how to establish interoperability across ecosystems and exchange experiences on how to create products. Leading cryptocurrency industry figures will deliver presentations and master classes.

The following speakers will address the audience:

  • Sunny Aggarwal (co-founder of Osmosis Labs);
  • Stani Kulechov (CEO of Aave);
  • Marek Olszewski (co-founder of Celo);
  • Rich Widmann (Global Head of Strategy for Web3 at Google Cloud);
  • Avery Ching (CTO of Aptos);
  • Ben Jones (co-founder of the Optimism Foundation).

Interop Summit offers a chance to network with passionate Web3 industry enthusiasts and to catch a new wave of blockchain and crypto adoption in the Internet space. Participants at the event will take the first steps toward building an interchain Web3 future.

Reports, panel discussions, seminars, workshops, networking opportunities, and tech talks with invited company representatives are all on the agenda for the event. Along with quiet work spaces, there are cafe and bar areas.

The developers will attend seminars that include tech talks, code-alongs, and discussions of hot-button issues in the cryptosphere. Leading Web3 experts who have had success implementing relevant dApps and blockchain infrastructure are eager to converse and respond to visitors' queries.

The event's organizer, Axelar, is a cross-chain platform that aims to build a cross-network Web3 future. The company believes that many different blockchains, protocols, cryptocurrencies, and applications can be interoperable. Axelar claims that free interoperability is essential for scaling the third generation of the Internet.