28 Feb - 30 Mar 2023

The most important crypto events of March!

Photo - The most important crypto events of March!

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πŸ“­ Global crypto events in March!


  • Hooked Protocol tokens unlock
    • (4.17 mln tokens totaling $10.99 mln, 0.83% of the total supply).


  • Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit
    • The 8th edition of the Blockchain Economy Summit will take place in Dubai on October 2-5. This two-day event will host more than 3,000 attendees from 70 countries. The speakers of the previous conference included Michael Saylor (MicroStrategy), Sandeep Nailwal (Polygon Technology), Alexandre Lemarchand (Ledger), Alex Bornyakov (Ukraine's Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation) and others.
  • Advancing Bitcoin Developer Conference
    • Advancing Bitcoin Conference is an event for experienced blockchain developers, organized to share knowledge through 25-minute talks and panel discussions. Workshops, networking, trainings β€” everything we love.


  • VeChain's β€œThe HiVe” Summit
    • A free-to-attend one-day event supported by VeChain is taking place on March 4 in Las Vegas at the Red Rock Resort. The Hive is a platform for discussion of Web3-related ideas and solutions to society's problems. Intriguingly, this month's event will be attended by two Nobel laureates who have made significant contributions to the development of blockchain.
  • Unlock of Near Protocol tokens
    • (9.86 mln tokens totaling $24.25 mln, 0.99% of the total supply).


  • Unlock of STEPN tokens
    • (87.92 mln tokens totaling $36.5 mln, 1.47% of the total supply).


  • U.S. Unemployment Rate
    • A high rate indicates weakness in the labor market. A low rate is positive for the U.S. labor market and should be taken as positive/bullish for the USD.


  • Unlock of Aptos tokens
    • (3.31 mln tokens totaling $22.16 mln, 0.45% of the total supply).
  • 24 block rollback. On this day in 2013, Bitcoin suffered an unexpected fork.
    • There was an incompatibility between Bitcoin client 0.7 and version 0.8, which caused the main chain to fork into two. The quick response from developers, community, and miners allowed the network to rollback by 24 blocks, thus preventing further branching of the network.


  • Unlock of WhiteBIT tokens
    • (10.8 mln tokens totaling $42.16 mln, 2.7% of the total supply).


  • Release of Filecoin Virtual Machine's EVM (FEVM)
    • This will be one of the biggest updates to the Filecoin network, enabling developers to deploy user-defined smart contracts on top of Filecoin’s mainnet for the first time. The update was initialy scheduled for February, but the official release date has been delayed to March 14.
  • U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI)
    • The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures changes in the prices of goods and services. It reports changes in U.S. buying and inflation trends. A higher-than-expected reading should be taken as a positive/bullish trend, while a lower-than-expected reading should be taken as a negative/bearish trend.


  • Optimism’s Bedrock upgrade
    • Bedrock is poised to help Optimism lower transaction fees, improve transaction speeds, and establish a strong foundation for future enhancements, such as decentralized sequencing, which will enable it to compete effectively with other protocols like Arbitrum. Of particular focus will be the continued strengthening of the protocol's security.


  • Blockchain Africa Conference
    • Bitcoin Events is bringing back their conference for the 9th year, taking place on March 16th in Johannesburg, South Africa. This year's event is expected to draw in 1000 guests, with a focus on real-world applications of blockchain technology in both public and private sectors. Global business leaders, organizations, and innovators will be in attendance, leaving behind the hype and speculation that often surrounds blockchain discussions.


  • Unlock of ApeCoin tokens
    • (40.58 mln tokens totaling $221.97 mln, 4.06% of the total supply).


  • Blockchain International Scientific Conference ISC 2023
    • The 5th International Scientific Conference, scheduled for March 18th in Manchester, will bring together cryptocurrency and blockchain researchers, industry experts, innovators, and thought leaders from across the globe to share their latest projects and findings in the field.


  • Crypto Expo Europe 2023
    • Crypto Expo Europe in Bucharest is the largest B2B and B2C crypto event focused on the Central and Eastern European crypto market, bringing together developers and top Web3 experts to foster a blockchain and fintech startup boom.


  • Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2023
    • Paris Blockchain Week Summit is considered one of the most influential events in the blockchain industry. The speakers will include Joseph Lubin (Ethereum), Silvio Micali (Algorand), Denelle Dixon (Stellar), Paolo Ardoino (Tether) and many others.
  • Outer Edge (NFT LA Π‘onference)
    • This event is designed for those interested in NFT art collecting, investing, and exploring the new Web3 world. The conference will feature talks from 250 experts, leaders, and project founders in the field of NFTs and blockchain technology.


  • U.S. Federal Reserve interest rate decision
    • The Federal Reserve meets eight times a year to discuss changes to US monetary policy, evaluate economic and financial conditions, and assess price stability and employment growth in the country. The rhetoric of these meetings can have an impact on risk assets and the strength of the US dollar.


  • Helium network transition to Solana blockchain
    • After months of careful planning and technical development, the Helium Foundation announced March 27, 2023 as the migration date to the Solana blockchain. According to the developers, the main goal of the transition is to scale and accelerate the Helium network. Read more on the official Helium blog.
  • With love for Ethereum: Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta announcement
    • Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta β€” is a great advance for both Polygon and Ethereum. Polygon is preparing to launch its long-awaited roll-up technology to scale the Ethereum network. See the official Polygon blog for more details.


  • The Billion Dollar Day
    • On this day in 2013, the market cap of the entire Bitcoin network surpassed $1 billion.


  • WOW Summit (AsiaWorld-Expo)
    • WOW Summit is the first large-scale Web3 event in Hong Kong after its borders reopened and Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. Key topics include metaverse, Web3 infrastructure, NFT, blockchain implementation, cybersecurity and digital identifiers.
  • Crypto Assets Conference 2023
    • The Crypto Assets Conference will be held on March 29- 30 in Frankfurt to bring together industry experts, CEOs and entrepreneurs. During the conference, participants will delve into the latest trends in DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), blockchain and crypto.