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Normal 146 25 May 2023

ZK-rollup: The Next Level in Blockchain Scaling

By  Dmytro Litvinko 146 25 May 2023
Photo - ZK-rollup: The Next Level in Blockchain Scaling

ZK-rollup, also known as Zero-Knowledge rollup, is an Ethereum scaling solution that operates on Layer 2 of the blockchain. The technology utilizes zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to aggregate multiple transactions into one, reducing blockchain data storage.

This form of aggregation is gaining popularity and, as per the assessment of some experts, is a key trend for 2023.

How does ZK-rollup work? ⚙️

The process begins as users submit their transactions to the ZK-rollup aggregator, which amalgamates them into a batch. Subsequently, the aggregator verifies the authenticity of the entire transaction batch off-chain. Upon successful verification, confirmation is sent to the ZK-rollup smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The contract then authenticates and approves the batch of transactions, resulting in an update of users' balances.

Features and benefits of ZK-rollup ☝️

1. The foremost benefit of ZK-rollup is its capacity to reduce the volume of data that must be stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This diminishes aggregate storage requirements, increasing transaction processing, lessening gas fees, and enhancing scalability.

2. ZK-rollup solutions boast powerful security guarantees, facilitated by ZK-proof technology. This ensures that transaction processing and verification is carried out without the disclosure of confidential information, thereby minimizing the risk of fraudulent or malicious activities. For a more comprehensive understanding of ZK-proof, please refer to a dedicated article on our website.

3. ZK-rollup also demonstrates compatibility with Ethereum infrastructure and tools, simplifying the integration process for developers of decentralized applications.

📝 Examples of Layer 2 blockchains built on ZK-rollup include zkSync, Scroll, zkEVM (Consensys), Polygon zkEVM, Starknet, and Aztec.