What is the Brave web browser?

The right web browser is the most crucial tool for protecting personal data online. It will help in securely hiding confidential information from prying eyes and avoiding online tracking by tech behemoths.

The main disadvantage of the majority of popular web browsers is the presence of endless advertisements. It is critical to understand that ads are more than just distracting and irritating images. This is the result of careful monitoring and analysis of your actions and preferences, as well as the disclosure of confidential data to third parties by browser owners.

How to your personal information? Installing a secure web browser is among the fastest and most efficient solutions. These programs offer privacy and customization options, as well as a variety of other useful features. Project Brave holds a distinctive position among open-source developments.

What is Brave?

Brendan Eich, the former CTO and CEO of Mozilla Corporation, is the founder of Brave. Independent company Brave Software Inc. emphasizes the absence of obligations in relation to any other enterprises and corporations. This enables developers to fight for the rights of users who face privacy violations on a daily basis at the hands of the largest technology corporations.

The Chromium-based, open-source, and speedy web browser is free to use. It is designed for use on PCs and mobile devices running Android and iOS.

Among the brave settings that protect user privacy are:

  • ads and trackers blocking;
  • prevention of digital fingerprinting, as well as their randomization;
  • removal of harmful online ads;
  • blocking cookies;
  • using the HTTPS protocol to improve security when loading pages;
  • cross-domain tracking prevention.

It's important to note that, in contrast to Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox, Brave allows users to surf completely anonymously by using Tor mode.

How does privacy affect performance? The number of visible and hidden elements is reduced by blocking ads on pages. As a result, you are not only less concerned about another flashy banner, but you also benefit from faster loading websites, reduced traffic consumption, and increased battery life.

Additional features of Brave

Brave is a web browser with a lot of extra features. The project includes:

  • its own independent search engine Brave Search. It does not track user preferences and actions, nor does it save/transfer/sell/lose confidential data. The system is based on an independent search index and transparent ranking of results;

  • unlimited free private video calls with Brave Talk. Complete anonymity and non-tracking are promised to users. A separate application is not required for calls, YouTube broadcasts, or viewing streaming channels. For groups of more than four people, a premium version of Brave Talk is also offered. This version allows users to record conversations, mute speakers, and do other things.

  • its own Brave Playlist for iOS. It can contain audio and video files from any sources, working both online and offline;Brave is a well-established independent browser that prioritizes users and data security. More than 50 million people from all over the world already use it because of its numerous features and the availability of an exciting bonus system.
  • individual news feed Brave News. The browser pulls content from user-specified favorite sources such as news agencies, blogs, online and print publications, and so on.

Brave also provides the option of using a personal secure crypto wallet Brave Wallet to earn tokens for activity.

Brave Wallet

The first secure cryptocurrency wallet that is integrated into a web browser. Users do not need any additional applications or extensions to use it.

The wallet allows you to buy, sell, exchange, and store crypto assets and NFTs, as well as connect to other wallets and DApps.

Brave Rewards

The browser offers bonuses in the form of its own Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).  What should be done for that? The user should simply watch advertisements in Brave Private Ads.

This category includes ads selected by the system for brands with a good reputation. Viewing videos does not violate one's privacy and is done entirely on a voluntary basis, with no pop-up windows or intrusive half-page banners.

What are BAT tokens for? Users can collect, store, and exchange them for real-value gift cards, send them as donations to creators of advertising content, use them to pay for goods and services in DApps, and so on.


Brave is a well-established independent browser that prioritizes users and data security. More than 50 million people from all over the world already use it because of its numerous features and the availability of an exciting bonus system.