Useful crypto analysis websites

The wide range of crypto analysis websites may greatly facilitate the lives of traders, miners, and investors. They help users to stay up to date with the latest information about the digital assets, trading volumes, market situation, and project roadmaps.


This is the most famous and popular information and analytical portal. The platform analyzes the entire cryptocurrency market and forms a global registry of digital assets of all types, ranking them by their market cap or daily trading volume. Here you can find information on each project, see a chart of changes in the asset rate on different timeframes, find out links to websites and social networks, get a list of exchanges where the asset is traded and its currency pairs, etc.

In addition to the crypto assets rating, there is a centralized and decentralized exchanges rating, a system for monitoring news and publications on cryptocurrency topics, and a large set of services, including a cryptocurrency converter and a blockchain explorer for some networks. It also has the ICO calendar and the schedule of all events, conferences, or new software releases.

Coinmarketcap also has education sections and a cryptocurrency dictionary. This mission is entrusted to the digital library Alexandria, which is more like an educational portal. Here you can get acquainted with more than 4,000 articles in 10 languages, including Ukrainian.
Blog authors or web page owners now have the opportunity to place widgets that update the rate of a particular cryptocurrency or reproduce an entire chart.

This web resource hosts free token airdrops, albeit with suspicions of some fraud, as we have already reported.

Unfortunately, after the acquisition by Binance, the requirements for listing assets and calculating trading volumes have become more demanding, so some of the assets may not be here, and the trading data may not entirely match the actual one. Therefore, we recommend visiting alternative web resources, namely Coingecko, Coinpaprika, or Coincheckup.


Over time, this analytical web resource has become more than just a platform for traders with a large set of technical analysis tools. Now, this platform is more like a social network for traders and investors, where everyone can share their vision of the further asset's value movement, market trends, or forecasts, supported by technical and fundamental analysis. Each such post is accompanied by a chart showing resistance and support levels and possible scenarios. Readers can leave comments and thus discuss with the author and other followers their predictions. In any case, Tradingview stimulates and maintains a dialogue between authors and readers, which is a clear sign of openness and commitment to democratic principles.

The advantage of the platform is the analysis of all possible markets and assets, while the disadvantages include the tendency toward increasing the project's commercialization. The functionality of the free subscription is being reduced yearly, and the offer of paid packages is only growing.  


This is an interesting analytical web resource with a convenient heat map of digital assets. This map, using color, signals a change in the assets' value. Green color – from light to dark tones – indicates an increase in value, and red – a fall. The user can select whether all assets and individual coins or tokens. NFT has a separate section.

Users can also watch the crypto exchanges heat map by trading volume or rating.

Blog authors and website owners can also add a widget with interactive zoom elements.


This website allows you to compare crypto assets, exchanges, wallets, and even debit cards with the function of converting digital and fiat currencies.

When comparing wallets, all characteristics and components are considered: the number of supported assets, operating systems, security, privacy, and extra services.

Debit cards are compared in terms of the initial cost, ATM fee, monthly fee, and instant top-up.

The platform has created a list of criteria by which it builds a rating of wallets and cards, which also considers the experienced users' feedback.


This analytical platform is especially interesting. Here you can find all the statistics on bitcoin. In addition to the standard information on other portals, it also offers Google Analytics, demographics, Bitcoin legality map, current BTC legalization status in all countries, and asset classification in various jurisdictions (money, currency, commodity, etc.).

Final words

These five crypto analysis websites will enhance your knowledge about the crypto industry. We will continue publishing related articles to expand your list of analytical tools.