Stellar and Ripple co-founder creates private space stations

Stellar and Ripple co-founder creates private space stations

Crypto-billionaire Jed McCaleb is launching an aerospace business. Vast is his new project to create private space stations with artificial gravity.

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Author: Kateryna Salnichenko

Date: 20 September 2022

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Space exploration is a goal that humankind has been pursuing for decades. The co-founder of Stellar and Ripple, Jed McCaleb, decided to contribute to the creation of conditions for life and work outside of Earth. The billionaire presented his new project, Vast, to the public.



Earth is finite and fragile. Space is vast

With this statement, McCaleb’s company enters the aerospace market. The startup’s mission is to allow as many people as possible to live and work freely in outer space.

Vast is confident that the solar system has enough territory and resources to develop humanity and preserve the Earth’s biosphere. The only thing needed to implement the plan is a strong space infrastructure.

If we had access to those resources, our civilization could grow and thrive while preserving our planet. Once large populations of humans can live in space, we can create the industry and infrastructure needed to access those resources at-scale,

McCaleb said.

Artificial gravity is not a fantasy, but a reality

The company is mainly focused on creating artificial gravity on space stations. Why is it important? A long stay in zero gravity negatively affects all organs and body systems. Moreover, all changes are irreversible.

Vast specialists are going to solve this problem by rotating the structure. It will make it possible to simulate gravity on hundred-meter space stations with a capacity of more than 40 people. Conditions will be created along the entire length, corresponding to those on the Moon, Mars, and asteroids. Near the external surfaces of the space stations, an environment similar to Earth’s will be formed.



Vast also plans to create freely moving modules with zero gravity. They may be needed to perform various tasks in outer space.

A team of world-class professionals is working on unique developments capable of competing with Axiom Space, Nanoracks, and Blue Origin products. For example, one of the advisors is Hans Koenigsmann, an aerospace engineer and former SpaceX vice president responsible for assembly and flight reliability. 



 Vast is now actively hiring and presenting its developments at specialized events, including World Satellite Business Week and the International Astronautical Congress. 

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