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Starknet is Accelerating!

By  Gagarin News 236 2 Jun 2023
Photo - Starknet is Accelerating!

In a much-anticipated move, Starknet developers announced on Twitter today that the network is poised to showcase a significant increase in its transaction speed, expecting to reach a three-digit throughput. The improvements are scheduled to appear on the testnet within the next four weeks.

Starknet, the Layer-2 scalability solution, has been a focal point for developers and users alike due to its less than ideal current transaction speed. However, this announced upgrade is set to potentially revolutionize the network's performance.

It is crucial to acknowledge, though, that there can often be a discrepancy between the stated and actual transaction throughput on many networks. For example, Ethereum currently processes approximately 15 transactions per second (TPS), Polygon manages around 30 TPS, and Solana processes about 300 TPS, despite claims of achieving up to 60,000 TPS.

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