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Newbie 2339 19 Sept 2022

Starbucks introduces NFT into loyalty program

By  Yuliia Rokytska 2339 19 Sept 2022
Photo - Starbucks introduces NFT into loyalty program

American coffee company Starbucks is launching an NFT-enabled customer rewards system. The coffee chain has chosen Polygon blockchain to implement a loyalty program called Starbucks Odyssey. It will be the issuer’s first Web3 experience.

Through the partnership between Starbucks and Polygon, members of the existing Starbucks Rewards customer rewards system and employees will be able to win collectible NFT stamps or buy them with their debit cards. The non-fungible tokens will unlock access to exclusive offers. NFT stamps will depict popular Starbucks art elements.

Starbucks Odyssey will be launched at the end of 2022. Still, the novelty will only be available in the U.S. Regular customers and partners will have the opportunity to be the first to try out the innovative service. To do this, it will be needed to register here. Chosen users will receive invitations to try out the new loyalty program.

Building Starbucks Odyssey using technology that aligns with our sustainability aspirations and commitments is a top priority. We took a very thoughtful and thorough approach when evaluating which blockchain to utilize, and Polygon’s fast, low-cost, and carbon-neutral network is the perfect foundation for our first digital community,

notes Ryan Butz, vice president of marketing at Starbucks.

How to get NFTs from Starbucks, and why are they needed?

Starbucks Odyssey will supplement the existing rewards program. A customer already enrolled in the loyalty system will simply need to log into his/her account to take advantage of the new service. It includes taking so-called “journeys” that will expand participants’ knowledge of coffee culture by participating in interactive games, activities, and quests. Users will get NFT stamps for successfully accomplishing the “journeys”.

Each non-fungible token will have a specific number of points. The more stamps a client collects, the more points s/he will receive, enabling him/her to get access to unique offers. This can be a virtual lesson on making a coffee drink or invitations to a VIP event.

Customers will also be able to purchase limited-edition NFTs at a special Starbucks Odyssey retail location. Also, NFTs will be available for trade in marketplaces. A credit or debit card will be sufficient to purchase the stamps. A portion of the profits from the sales of the non-fungible tokens will be donated to the company’s employees and used to develop the Starbucks Rewards program.

Polygon accelerates businesses’ transition to Web3

Starbucks is not the first company to choose Polygon blockchain to enter the Web3 sector. Brands such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, Dolce&Gabbana, Prada, and several others are already using Polygon’s distributed ledger services and have also launched NFT collections on this network. Polygon is also helping technology issuers Adobe and Meta integrate into the cryptocurrency industry. Businesses favor this blockchain mainly because of low transaction costs and good scalability. 

Polygon is a natural choice for Starbucks as both companies place tremendous importance on diversity, accessibility, and sustainability. As a leading infrastructure provider enabling people and technology to collaborate and exchange value globally and freely, Polygon provides the ideal launchpad for Starbucks’ entry into Web3,

Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, says.