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Stably Unveils BRC-20 Stablecoin

By  Gagarin News 90 25 May 2023
Photo - Stably Unveils BRC-20 Stablecoin

Crypto startup Stably has unveiled Stably USD, a dollar-backed stablecoin aimed at transforming trading within Bitcoin’s thriving on-chain economy. The company asserts that its stablecoin offers a more cost-effective and efficient trading experience compared to fiat or Bitcoin itself.

The launch of this new “BRC-20” token holds potential for streamlining trading across all Ordinals. Currently, Ordinals traders face the choice of paying conversion fees for stable fiat currency or dealing with Bitcoin’s volatility. Stably aims to tackle these challenges by providing a stable value accessible on-chain.

According to Stably’s company documents, Stably USD’s fiat backing is secured with Prime Trust. To redeem their stablecoins for the underlying dollar value, users will need to undergo a KYC and AML process.

The long-term viability of Stably’s bitcoin-linked stablecoin relies heavily on its success. Notably, Stably’s stablecoin in the Ethereum ecosystem, called StableUSD (USDS), currently boasts a modest user base of 752 holders and a market cap of $264,000, as per etherscan.

Nevertheless, Stably remains confident in its ability to penetrate a larger market with its ordinals stablecoin. During the token’s launch on May 22, the maximum supply was set at an intriguing 69,420,000,000,000.