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Seasoned Investors Still Interested in Crypto

By  Lesia Dubenko 273 23 Jun 2023
Photo - Seasoned Investors Still Interested in Crypto

The bear market hasn't deterred seasoned investors from cryptocurrencies, a new survey shows.

According to a new survey by Laser Digital, a digital asset business backed by Nomura,  professional investors are keen on investing money in cryptocurrencies in spite of the uncertain regulatory environment.

The survey shows that 96% of the investors who manage  $4.95 trillion in assets and work for different pension funds, wealth managers, family offices, hedge funds and investment funds believe that digital assets are a good investment diversification opportunity. Other more traditional asset classes include fixed income, cash equities and commodities.

Yet, while almost all investors are ready to buy into crypto, the picture looks slightly different when talking about the proportion of the funds. Out of all the funds available, the investors are ready to allocate only 5% of their pool into digital assets.

Meanwhile, 51% said that they regard Bitcoin and Ethereum as providing a long-lasting source of investment opportunities, with 11% deeming them highly speculative. And 38% regard them as highly speculative assets.

A total of 303 investors were polled by Laser Digital online in April. They came from most  major financial markets across the world.
The new survey reiterates the notion that there is a growing list of financially accomplished figures who also buy into crypto.

While most crypto enthusiasts have heard of such figures as Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, and the late John McAfee who expressed strong affinity for cryptocurrencies, there are other no less big household names interested in it.

They include Richard Branson, Steve Wozniak, Marc Cuban, and, Michael Saylor, arguably, one of the most ardent fans of Bitcoin. 

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