News By  Kateryna Salnichenko
Newbie 1915 27 May 2022

MetaMask and Asset Reality will help return assets to victims of crypto scammers

Holders of digital currencies who use the MetaMask wallet and have suffered from scammers’ actions can count on assistance in finding and recovering assets. Such a statement appeared on the official website

New opportunities for crypto investors

MetaMask representatives informed users about the start of a strategic partnership with the British company Asset Reality. It specializes in asset investigation and recovery, working with public and private companies.

According to the statement, Asset Reality specialists are ready to support all victims of cryptocurrency scams and phishing attacks, helping them cope with a stressful situation, bring criminals to justice, and return the stolen money. In this case, the value of assets does not matter.

Even if the wallet owner has lost a small amount, his/her case can be included in large-scale investigations. As you know, cyber-attacks often affect many users. By uniting to file a massive class action, victims of crypto scams can get a positive outcome faster.

The process of the search and return of funds

Users who have faced scammers need to:

contact the MetaMask support service;

provide detailed information about the situation, and use the security recommendations for a particular wallet;

fill out the Asset Reality form, receive emails with security tips and further tactics;

receive regular updates from Asset Reality on the progress of the investigation.

It should be noted that the duration of the investigation and the likelihood of recovery of assets in each case may differ.