MediBloc (MED): The Project Overview

MediBloc (MED) stands as the native token of the MediBloc medical platform, serving as the foundation of its economic ecosystem and incentivizing users to actively participate in the project's development.

Project mission

MediBloc is a patient-oriented personal healthcare ecosystem. It aims to ensure the utmost protection of medical data and individual privacy.

By using MediBloc, patients gain complete control over their own medical records and can use them based on their personal needs.

MediBloc (MED) - a personal healthcare information ecosystem, constructed on blockchain. Source:

MediBloc (MED) - a personal healthcare information ecosystem, constructed on blockchain. Source:

MediBloc's founders are Allen Wookyun Kho (a dentist, surgeon, and former lead programmer for Galaxy S) and Eunsol Lee (a radiologist and an expert in biomedical informatics). The MediBloc platform is built upon the Panacea blockchain. It integrates fragmented medical data gathered during diagnosis and treatment. Information collection is done using third-party services - Dr.palette (EHR) and Medipass (PHR):

  • EHR is software for electronic medical records used by clinic staff;
  • PHR is a solution that allows patients to compile life journal data, manage it, and pass it on to medical institutions.

MediBloc project structure Source:

MediBloc project structure Source:

MediBloc guarantees user security and service reliability by not recording data directly into the blockchain. All information is stored solely by the end users, is encrypted, and transmitted using distinct secured channels. This approach minimizes the risk of data breaches.

Potential users of the MediBloc platform include patients, medical professionals, clinics and laboratories, research institutes, pharmaceutical and insurance companies. The developers incentivize client activity by providing the MediBloc (MED) token as a reward.

Exploring the MediBloc (MED) token

MediBloc (MED) token Source:

MediBloc (MED) token Source:

Its purpose

MediBloc (MED) is the native QRC20 token of the MediBloc platform, used to encourage user activity.

Token holders can also generate passive income through staking. The project creators propose that they contribute to the generation of Panacea blocks and receive MediBloc (MED) as real-time bonuses.

Issuance and allocation

The issuance of MediBloc (MED) tokens is not limited. The actual circulating supply at present is 6,908,642,520 MED (according to Coinmarketcap).

Assessing the market environment

According to Coinmarketcap, at the time of writing, MediBloc (MED) ranks 242nd in the virtual currency rating by market capitalization. The coin is trading at $0.017. The asset's market capitalization reaches $117,585,879, and the daily trading volume is $4,414,317.