How to survive Gold Fever?

If GameFi projects are primarily valuable to gamers and the industry as a whole in terms of gaming, then their success is something to be discussed. One of those is the multiplayer survival game Gold Fever.

Bitter Cherry Productions is working on the creation and promotion of a unique project for the players. This is a small group of like-minded individuals who strive to combine games and crypto to create the unique gaming experience. It's hard to imagine it being any other way given that Jan Szymański, the project's art director, is a passionate perfectionist and Emilian Ciocanea, the project CEO, got burned during the ICO boom of 2018 and decided "to do it how it’s supposed to be done."



Gold Fever depicts a realistic world in the second decade of the 20th century. The authors placed a strong emphasis on realism. They believe that this feature will help players adapt to the gaming world quickly and move on to exploring it and completing quests almost right away. The developers chose the well-established Ethereum and Polygon as the base blockchains for the project.

As the name implies, all the characters are divided into two factions: the adventurers and the tribals. Each of them has distinct classes from which the player selects their main character. Subclasses can be purchased after the game begins for extra personalization. 



The player's primary goal is to obtain gold. PvP arenas are designed for competitions and the display of personal progress. Gold is not only obtained through fighting. Most commonplace activities, including crafting, jungle exploration, and hunting, have rewards. By the way, in the conditions of an enemy-infested island, Survival Crafting is a very helpful skill.

Gold Fever's game economy features

Initially, the game is free and available to everyone. However, a cryptocurrency wallet is automatically created when you create an account. Further opportunities for gamers are determined by the selected character:

  • You can play as tribal representatives without making any additional investments while earning gold (Native Gold token, NGL) and a variety of other rewards.
  • Adventurers have more opportunities to develop their own economic strategies and earn NGL.

NGL is a token that players receive by trading mined gold and completing random quests. Tasks are the most unpredictable in a free market. Some gamers, for example, were even rewarded for playing the guitar. NGL can be transferred to external Ethereum addresses, exchanged for in-game items and NFTs, staked, and burned for privileges. 

There is also a virtual in-game currency JUL and a governance token JBR in Gold Fever. JUL is used for in-app purchases and as a reward. It can be purchased with a credit card but cannot be exchanged for NGL. JBR is awarded to gamers for achievements in gaming and allows them to vote on new features.

NFTs are a variety of items in the game world, ranging from tools and weapons to public facilities and characters. Unlike most P2E games, NFTs in Gold Fever are not collectible, but commercial and have real value. They can be exchanged, rented, pledged, and sold on third-party platforms. Thus, almost the entire gaming world belongs to gamers, demonstrating true decentralization in action.

Gold Fever is currently developing new features and launching collaborations with other GameFi projects. According to the creators, the game world can become a real alternative to "real" work based on the economy of utility.

“Our mission is to accelerate the advent of a totally new workplace inspired by the blockchain and the metaverse. We aim to bring on the market new products that can replace the lack of jobs during harsh times or provoked by automation and AI.”