How to Get NFT Whitelist

WhiteList (WL) is a list of users who have additional privileges in acquiring an asset.

Getting an NFT whitelist spot

Whitelists can offer early access to a cryptocurrency project at a discounted price or even for free. Many projects reward ambassadors and dedicated community members with whitelisted access as a way to promote and build support for the product.

However, it's important to thoroughly analyze the project before considering any current whitelists.

Analyzing the collection and the community

Firstly, it's important to determine whether a reward for any actions is even worth it. New collections are released every day, but only a few are truly profitable.

The community of the project is the key to success: without support from participants, there will be no NFT sales. To analyze the community, you can use the project's social media platforms (Twitter, Discord). The more activity and excitement there is among the community, the better the investment prospect and chance of obtaining a WL.

A successful project example with community support

Doodles boasts 396,000 Twitter followers and 73,000 Discord members. In addition to their NFT collection, they have their own merchandise store, collaborations with other crypto projects, and as a result, a floor price of 4.9 ETH per NFT.

Ways to get WL

1. Participation in DAO

DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization. In simple terms, it is a community of crypto enthusiasts who invest in crypto projects and coins. 

To receive WL, DAO administrators collaborate with the program by confirming the activity of their organization. The more active the DAO, the higher the chance of earning a certain amount of WL for its members. The owners of DAO distribute the rewards received among the participants.

You can join DAO on a paid basis or by following the organizers of such communities on social networks, where they sometimes give invites to join for free.

2. Creativity

Most projects reward creative members of the community for their art or increasing its popularity through creativity.

One option is to make cookies with the collection's logo yourself and post them on the project's Discord or Twitter with a mention of the collection's account. You can also order a professional art piece from an artist on the topic of the project's mission or, with the current development of technology, generate it using neural networks. 

3. Grind

Grind refers to repetitive actions aimed at gaining internal benefits. 

The essence of the grind lies in being active on the project's Discord server, which involves:

  • Being active in each channel of the server from #gm to #show-your-breakfast.
  • Engaging in strictly project-related discussions. For example, "My name is Mike. I found your project on Twitter because I actively follow interesting collections. I have been earning with cryptocurrency for 4 years, and this project seems interesting and profitable to me..." rather than just saying "I like the project."
  • Communicating with moderators regarding the project's future development and potential collaborations.
  • Helping other members on the server and partially replacing the moderator's role.

The most crucial aspect of this approach is making noticeable and useful contributions to the server.

4. Giveaway

Find the #giveaway or #raffles threads on the project's Discord server, where the conditions for earning WL are described. Most tasks are related to Discord and Twitter.

5. Hodl

Hodl is a strategy for working with cryptocurrency assets, which involves acquiring an asset and holding it for a certain period of time to gain a better understanding or a greater profit. 

Hodl is a deliberate misspelling of the word "hold" that has become slang in the world of cryptocurrency.

Developers, when creating a new project, do not forget about their previous projects. Therefore, sometimes to earn WL in a new project, it is enough to have an NFT from the previous one.

Final words

There are enough tools available for different working strategies. However, to save time, you can simply find someone who has already received the WL from the project you're interested in and ask them which specific actions they took to earn the reward.

The more experience you have working with NFTs, the better your understanding of the logic and principles that developers rely on when issuing WhiteLists. 

So, it's all in your hands!