Features of UFO Gaming platform and UFO token

Photo - Features of UFO Gaming platform and UFO token

UFO Gaming is another bright representative of the gaming industry. What are the main features of the platform? And where can you buy a primary token - UFO?

UFO Gaming is a decentralized community-owned P2E gaming platform. Its gaming ecosystem known as the “Dark Metaverse” has in-game NFTs, virtual land and a decentralized application. Virtual land is the form of ERC-721 tokens (NFTs), which was first implemented in CryptoKitties game. They can be minted and traded. All earned assets can be transferred to other gaming platforms. 

Super Galactic is the first and most popular Dark Metaverse game, built on the Ethereum blockchain and integrated on Polygon L2. In this arcade action game, the player can breed NFT soldiers and take them into battles to earn rewards. Each new game is a separate planet that can be built not only on Ethereum, but also on other blockchains. 

Apart from P2E NFT games, the platform is also holding gaming tournaments with prize pools. The UFO Gaming Apex Legend award was $10,000. 

Where can you buy UFO token?

All UFO coins are 100% owned by the UFO Gaming community. The token system, like on most gaming platforms, is based on three coins: UFO, UAP and Plasma Points. UFO is based on the ERC-20 standard, and acts as the primary token of the UFO Gaming platform. 

Its rate fell significantly compared to last year (November 2021 - $0.00005252, October 2022 - $0.00000208), which put the token to 341 place in CoinMarketCap rating.

The UAP, which is used to breed soldiers in the Super Galactic, is obtained by completing missions and daily quests. To generate Plasma Points, players must stake UFO tokens.

You can buy UFO tokens on the following exchanges: Gate.io, KuCoin, Bitmart and, recently, Binance. To do this, you need to register on one of the presented platforms and connect your wallet. 

At first glance, the UFO Gaming platform is trustworthy, despite the fact that its primary token is very unstable and in decline. But don’t forget about safety. We advise you to store your assets on trusted and reliable wallets and use only the necessary amount for games.