Craig Wright Still after Hodlonaut, Calls Him a “CyberBully”

By  Lesia Dubenko 315 27 Jan 2023
Photo - Craig Wright Still after Hodlonaut, Calls Him a “CyberBully”

The self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin Craig Wright made the courtroom his home.

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, who tends to sue everyone who tells him the opposite, is not done with his legal bravado act. 

Despite lately tweeting “I have been too angry for too long as I cared for external validation. That ends. The only validation I seek now is from my family and from seeing my ideas come to fruition and to be used by the world. Not everyone wants what I have to offer...”, Wright is gearing up for new hearings, including with the famous crypto space figure Hodlonaut.

Source: Craig Wright’s Twitter

Source: Craig Wright’s Twitter

In an interview with Gagarin News, Hodlonaut, who won the case against him in  Norway after calling him a fraud, said that Wright’s lawyers are taking him to court already this year.  

“I won a lot of decisions. I won the actual case in Norway. But what Craig Wright does always is just appeal, appeal, appeal. So, there will be a new trial in September in Norway and he also sued me in the United Kingdom so I also have to deal with the proceedings in England,” he told Gagarin News, adding that he's not the only one who's dealing with these lawsuits. So are Kraken, Coinbase, and Bitcoin developers.

According to Holdonaut, Wright has “tons of legal proceedings going”, dubbing them “toxic”, “ruthless” and “evil against the Bitcoin ecosystem.”

“Absolutely innocent people are dragged into this, having to deal with all the stress both time-wise and financially,” he noted, adding that Wright is funded by Calvin Ayre, whose pockets, according to him, are deep. “Craig Wright himself doesn’t have any money.”

Hodlonaut said that he “definitely expects to win” the upcoming hearing in Norway even though Wright and his team have now pivoted, deciding to call him a cyberbully instead and that he is a victim and suffered all kinds of despair.

“He even managed to press out, or try at least to cry in the courtroom how difficult it has been for him because of my bullying,” Hodlonaut said.

Stay tuned for the full interview.