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BRC-721E Unleashes Seamless NFT Migration

By  Gagarin News 360 30 May 2023
Photo - BRC-721E Unleashes Seamless NFT Migration

BRC-721E is a protocol that enables seamless migration of ERC-721 NFTs from the Ethereum network to Bitcoin. Unlike previous methods, there is no requirement to record the entire collection beforehand.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Airdrop Capability: Users can now receive airdrops through the BRC-721E protocol, enhancing their NFT ownership experience.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: BRC-721E significantly reduces the costs associated with transferring NFTs, while maintaining superior image quality compared to manual input methods.
  • Automatic Listing: Collections utilizing BRC-721E will automatically be listed on the renowned Ordinals Market, providing increased visibility and accessibility to a wider audience.

The inaugural collection utilizing BRC-721E is Bitcoin Miladys, with several of these unique NFTs already bridged and available for trading on the Ordinals Market. Each NFT listing includes comprehensive metadata, ensuring a transparent and immersive experience for collectors.

As the adoption of BRC-721E gains momentum, collections that leverage this protocol will receive automatic listings on Ordinals Market, further expanding the reach and opportunities for artists and collectors alike.