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BITCOIN TOWER: BTC Explores Its Presence in the HoReCa Sector

By  Ivan Dikalenko 304 15 Jun 2023
Photo - BITCOIN TOWER: BTC Explores Its Presence in the HoReCa Sector

The world is soon to see the construction of the innovative Bitcoin Tower in Dubai. This will be the first property of a hotel chain under the same name.

The architects behind this remarkable project aim to showcase what Bitcoin could resemble if Satoshi Nakamoto had conceptualized it as a center of renowned eastern hospitality. Given the UAE's goal to become a global cryptocurrency hub, this luxurious hotel in the United Arab Emirates' capital will stand as a global symbol for the world's leading cryptocurrency.

As such, the project will be chock-full of the most advanced technologies, from blockchain to the use of artificial intelligence in all aspects of BITCOIN TOWER's operations. Additionally, the hotel chain plans to reward its customers by distributing NFTs, which will provide exclusive benefits for token holders. An exclusive collection will reflect the architectural features of BITCOIN TOWER and the unique design elements of its interiors. A team of artists, architects, and crypto-enthusiasts are already at work creating these NFTs.

Guests staying at the Bitcoin Tower will experience an innovative payment structure in the form of crypto-staking, which will generate an Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

“It will be the first hotel that gives you back the money you paid, plus interest,

explains Salvatore Leggiero, the mastermind behind the project.

Metaverse Investments LLC, the investors behind the Bitcoin Tower, are confident that this pioneering take on hospitality will offer people an immersive introduction to cryptocurrencies and a deeper comprehension of their potential.

The Bitcoin Tower Project - Making its Mark in the Metaverse Source: Cointelegraph

The Bitcoin Tower Project - Making its Mark in the Metaverse Source: Cointelegraph

For the execution of the Bitcoin Tower project, Salvatore has engaged the talents of distinguished architect Simone Micheli. Micheli, who has enjoyed a 33-year career in urban planning and has earned international recognition for his exceptional secular and cultural structures, envisions Bitcoin Tower as a grandiose 40-story embodiment of Satoshi Nakamoto's principles. Furthermore, the hotel's design is being crafted with the forthcoming COP28 (United Nations Climate Change Conference) in mind, which will be hosted in Dubai later this year. Hence, the developers are placing a strong emphasis on the sustainability of the construction materials and adopting zero CO2 emission principles.

What I propose is a revolution in real estate, a bridge connecting the realms of digital and physical properties. BITCOIN TOWER will serve as the gateway for all those eager to participate in this transformative revolution,

Salvatore asserts.