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Newbie 2059 11 Jun 2022

Anthony Hopkins is interested in buying collectible NFTs

By  Ihor Shulhach 2059 11 Jun 2022
Photo - Anthony Hopkins is interested in buying collectible NFTs

Hollywood actor and composer Anthony Hopkins became interested in NFT and asked colleagues for advice on investing in tokens.

Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins has tweeted that he is interested in the NFT culture and is looking to explore the market and invest. He asked his subscribers what collection asset was worth buying.

After publishing his wallet address online, his fans sent a couple of collectible tokens to the film icon. While appreciating the fans’ gifts, the actor wrote to friends who are active users of Web3, asking them to help him understand the world of NFT. Among them were rapper Snoop Dogg, comedy show host Jimmy Fallon and his colleague in the film industry Reese Witherspoon.

I’m astonished by all the great NFT artists. Jumping in to acquire my first piece, any recommendations?

Hopkins asked his friends.

Jimmy Fallon wrote back that he was delighted with the photo of himself, where he looks thoughtful and added that the NFT artists are great and generally “fun guys”.

After Hopkins’ tweet, the social network was divided into two camps - those who supported his desire to explore new spaces and those who condemned the actor for being interested in unique tokens.

It is worth noting that not all endeavours of famous people related to tokens ended successfully. Recently, director and actor Quentin Tarantino tried to launch an NFT on OpenSea with moments from “Pulp Fiction”. The problem was that the images associated with the film belonged to the Miramax film studio, which did not hesitate to sue the director for violating copyrights.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter