News By  Kateryna Salnichenko
Normal 1753 25 Oct 2022

$40 million worth of crypto seized from Turkish illegal gambling network

The Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office issued a detention order for suspects in an illegal betting and confiscated $40 million in crypto.

The defendants in the case were 46 people associated with an illegal gambling network. The detentions and seizures were part of illegal gambling investigations in eight states: Ankara, Batman, Van, Bingol,Yozgat, Kayseri, Mus and Kirkkareh.

The Smuggling and Organized Crime Investigation Bureau issued the detention order. According to the Turkish authorities, the Ankara-based criminal organization violated the Law on Arrangement of Betting and Games of Chance in Football and Other Sports Competitions.

It was determined that all of the detainees mediated the transfer of money obtained from illegal betting, and sent the money collected in their accounts to the crypto wallets of the criminal organization, including Halil Falyalı, his wife and the casino manager. The criminals transferred TL 2.5 billion worth of crypto with 148 transactions.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office noted that Faliali was shot dead near his home in February this year.  Previously, he had a leading role in the illegal betting business, along with money laundering claims.

This operation came out of Turkish Cyprus and is linked to the murder of Halil Falyalı. A transfer of approximately TL 2.5 billion of money occurred. Approximately $40 million of money has been confiscated at the moment. But this is just the beginning,

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu said.

According to Soylu, the state is actively fighting the reputation of an accomplice of crypto criminals and organizers of illegal gambling businesses. This is confirmed by the cooperation with different structures for blocking of transactions and confiscation of criminals' income, as well as in crypto.

Digital assets worth $40 million, held on the wallets of Turkish and foreign crypto exchanges, are seized at the moment. Law enforcement agencies continue to investigate the accused. They are expected to face arrest after the searches.