28 - 30 Mar 2023

WOW Summit: Hong Kong 2023

Photo - WOW Summit: Hong Kong 2023

World of Web3 (WOW) is a series of events focused on blockchain, DeFi, NFT, metaverses, and other next-generation Internet trends. Conferences take place in different countries across the globe.

WOW Summit will take place in Hong Kong on March 29-30. World of Web3 Hong Kong is one of the leading global events, connecting Web3 leaders with global companies, investors, and NFT artists. The summit aimed at aiding the mass adoption of blockchain technology. 

The event will cover the following topics: 
πŸ“Œ Web3 infrastructure;
πŸ“Œ CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies)
πŸ“Œ blockchain;
πŸ“Œ cybersecurity;
πŸ“Œ metaverses;
πŸ“Œ digital ID.

The above topics will broaden the attendees’ understanding of the main Web3 trends. The summit will also feature a major business exhibition of innovative technologies and NFT projects. Participants will be able to present their new blockchain projects at a startup pitching area, and developers can share their ideas with the world and raise funding. In addition, attendees will enjoy an NFT exhibition of gifted artists and a fantastic art show. 

The event also includes a networking party, where participants will get to know each other and share their knowledge in a free-flowing format.

The target audience of the Summit

Companies will learn about the latest trends in the blockchain industry to find the right technologies to integrate into their business processes. They will also have the opportunity to find startups for collaboration and establish potential partnerships.

Digital art lovers
The event is also aimed at exploring new NFT art trends. The summit will feature works by NFT artists, which will be exclusively available for purchase. 

Startups will present their project at one of the summit pitch areas and raise funding from investors or other interested parties. It is also a great opportunity for startups to improve brand awareness.

The event will also be informative for miners who want to gain insight into effective mining tools in 2023. Global crypto mining giants and private miners will share tips and advice at WOW Summit. 

Startup presentations supervised and approved by competent specialists, communication with blockchain leaders and experts is an excellent experience for investors. 

Government authorities
Government representatives will be able to explore technological innovations, such as CBDC and Digital ID.

Hong Kong is a high-tech Asia-Pacific region, a perfect location for Web3 conferences. That's why the next WOW Summit will take place there. Join the event to meet blockchain industry leaders, NFT artists, investors, and entrepreneurs. Earlier in 2022, a series of events were held in Dubai, Lisbon, and Tbilisi.